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What is it that keeps us awake

What is it that keeps us awake. Walking through the night of light and freedom might be at places we never dared to look. As mam sees his failure to thrive for beauty genuinely, he might start to listen. As he listens, his desire to conquer the world slowly fades away. He will see nothing matters, except the undefined sound shaping ist form in every moment. Man will lose his power knowing this sound could not be possessed in worldly desire. And soon man will disappear.

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What is it to be genuene. A body moves and talks. What is it to be genuene. Repeating thoughts, a smile a laugh. Don't say another word. What is it to be genuene. Anger, sadness, comes and falls. Don'

In the fall expectation vanishes. There is the most comforting feeling in heart space. To drop the wall of a character. What's left is a very fragile, open and vulnerable embodied human soul being. No

Space, resonance, vibration Expectation Space resonance vibration Reality, a narrow path to one's salvation Space resonance vibration Rising tall to conquer oneness in desperate domination. Space reso