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With time it became more and more difficult to gender myself in any way.

I don't really feel like a man nor a woman and yet I have a male body and know and feel the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy.

Everything I am is a natural sense. There was no road to wander to become conscious, to dive deep into the void. There was nothing really to work on because nothing was already there.

And yet I wandered down a road in this lifetime. Made different experiences, cursed and cried, loved and died.

The brain is overloaded with thoughts and questions why, how, who?

And in the end, I needed to let go, of every thought, every question again and again.

I saw that every word is not meant to be taken seriously and it's all about the world behind the word.

The Sense, the Knowing, the Feeling!

The silent tone beyond life.

The perception beyond what the mind may see.

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