Vielleicht findet ihr etwas, dass euch inspiriert oder zum Träumen anregt.

In den letzten Jahren habe ich einige Texte und Gedichte verfasst.

Zu einigen der Texte fühle ich mich nach wie vor verbunden.

So oft war es mehr das Gefühl in den Worten, weniger die genaue Bedeutung oder Logik.

Texte sind momentan auf englisch verfügbar.

What is it to be genuene

What is it to be genuene. A body moves and talks. What is it to be genuene. Repeating thoughts, a smile a laugh. Don't say another word....

The Fall

In the fall expectation vanishes. There is the most comforting feeling in heart space. To drop the wall of a character. What's left is a...

The light in growing Rocks

Space, resonance, vibration Expectation Space resonance vibration Reality, a narrow path to one's salvation Space resonance vibration...


With time it became more and more difficult to gender myself in any way. I don't really feel like a man nor a woman and yet I have a male...

Empty Space in Resonance

Another word on my lips and I wish to be silent. Another story on my mind, and I wish to be empty. Deep within the hollowness. There is...

What is it that keeps us awake

What is it that keeps us awake. Walking through the night of light and freedom might be at places we never dared to look. As mam sees his...